Uber plans to create a flying car service, take over the skies

When it comes to ridesharing services, Uber is the king of the road. While there are numerous competitors in the field, none of them come close to reaching Uber’s level of success at this point in the game. And while the company has mastered the roads of the United States, they’re not happy with this achievement — now they’re looking to take over the skies.

The ridesharing empire recently announced that they plan to have a service for flying cars within a decade. Seriously.

Alex Davies of Wired writes that if all of this comes to fruition, “Uber will have a network—to be called ‘Elevate’—of on-demand, fully electric aircraft that take off and land vertically. Instead of slogging down the 101, you and a few other flyers will get from San Francisco to Silicon Valley in about 15 minutes—for the price of private ride on the ground with UberX. Theoretically.”

Only time will tell if Uber is actually able to create a flying car ridesharing service, but there’s very little reason to rule it out at this point. The future is such an uncertain and fascinating thing that there’s no real way of knowing what it is going to bring. If you told us in 2015 about many of the events that would occur in 2016, we all would have called you crazy, and yet, here we are. From the death of Harambe to the Clinton emails and the unlikely rise of Donald Trump, there’s nothing “routine” about our lives any more.

So how exactly will flying cars effect our daily lives? Theorists believe that it could solve many of the traffic problems that our country is currently facing. Given the serious overpopulation issues in America, being able to take care of the overpopulated roads and highways would be great. Of course, there are a number of issues — both scientific and otherwise — that get in the way of Uber achieving its goals here.

Whenever people start looking to advance technology, there’s always a reason to fear what may come out of it. Technology has a way of getting completely out of hand and reaching levels that pose serious threats to the public at large. While that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case with Uber’s flying cars, never underestimate the federal government’s attempts at controlling and exploiting everything. There’s no doubt that they will involve themselves in this.

So how do you feel about this? Are you looking forward to the flying car future that we’re likely in for?






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